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LiPo Technology Private Limited


Solar Panel

Based in Botad, Gujarat, Lipo Technology Private Limited is one of the leading solar panel manufacturers. We've honed our skills in meeting our clients' needs precisely as they specify. We place a strong emphasis on quality control to guarantee that the items we supply to our customers are always of the highest quality.

A solar panel is a packed, linked arrangement of solar cells, usually 610 in number. Solar panels make form the solar array of a photovoltaic system, which generates and distributes solar power in commercial and residential settings. Under conventional test settings, each module is rated based on its DC output power.

Under the supervision of quality controllers, our supplied product line is precisely developed and produced utilising high-grade components and the latest technologies following worldwide quality regulations. These products are well-known for their excellent efficiency, optimal performance, simple operation, and extended service life.

We are a solar panel supplier in Gujarat, India, and our solar panels are made using high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies following international quality standards. We are committed to meeting the needs of our diverse clients around the country. Furthermore, our goods are well-known in the industry for qualities such as high performance, extended service life, and a robust finish. We operate in a very ethical manner and want to maintain our unrivalled track record in the foreseeable future. Our main objective is to supply high-quality items to our loyal customers while ensuring their complete pleasure.

Our important clients may purchase these items in a variety of sizes, styles, patterns, and associated requirements at a competitive price. Our expert staff is made up of the greatest specialists that strive to produce high-quality items so that gamers may get their money back in full. The solar panels on sale are accessible at the most reasonable costs.


Solar Water Heater

Lipo Technology Private Limited is a leading solar water heater manufacturer in Gujarat, India. The goods we provide have been quality-tested so that we can supply a defect-free variety. Furthermore, these items are available in large quantities at cheap pricing for clients.

The wholesale solar water heater we provide runs on solar electricity, which is a renewable source of energy. A series of solar collectors are required to absorb solar energy for a solar water heater to function. The hot water is then stored in an insulated tank linked to the collectors. When the sun shines, the solar collectors heat the water, which is subsequently pumped or flown to the storage tank using the thermosyphon principle.

A solar geyser eliminates the need for electricity because it runs on solar power. Take, for example, a solar water heating system with a daily capacity of 100 litres. In a year, this solar geyser may save up to 1500 units of power. However, this is contingent on the volume of hot water created. But, more importantly, it can save around 140 litres of diesel, lowering CO2 emissions. In locations where there are frequent power outages, a solar water heater is quite handy. Because this solar water heating system includes a storage tank, it can offer hot water on demand.

Because it works on the premise of renewable energy, a solar water heater is a one-time investment that pays off over time. Solar water heating systems allow for high-efficiency solar energy absorption and usage with little heat loss. Sunlight enters the vacuum tube from the external transparent glass tube and impacts the preferentially treated outer surface of the inner glass tube. This glass tube, which functions as a black body, absorbs the radiation and heats up as a result. A vacuum between the two tubes prohibits heat loss to the environment.


Solar Rooftop System

Lipo Technology Private Limited provides solar rooftop systems in Gujarat, which are ideal for use on the roofs of houses and structures to store sun-oriented energy for later use. Our highly experienced specialists provide the finest possible ways for implementing administration and configuring the power plant promptly, based on the location. Furthermore, our clients can use the service with customised solutions based on their specific needs.

Our commercial and industrial solar rooftop in Gujarat is sourced from industry-trusted and dependable vendors and are known for their low power consumption, robust construction, ease of operation, and extended functional life. Furthermore, the supplied Solar Energy & Solar Power Products are packaged in tamper-proof packaging to prevent damage during transit.

We have been able to take and finish bulk orders within the promised period since we have a large vendor network and a well-equipped warehouse operation. To achieve maximum client satisfaction, we adhere to openness in all business operations.

The installation of a rooftop solar plant does not require any land, and the energy is used where it is generated, with no transmission or wheeling losses. As a result, such plants would benefit both home savings and the improvement of state utilities.

Solar power is a renewable energy technology that converts sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) modules. The generated power can be stored or consumed immediately, or it can be sent back into the grid or combined with one or more other electrical producers or renewable energy sources. Solar PV systems are a very dependable and clean source of power that may be used for a variety of purposes.

Solar PV systems convert solar radiation into electrical energy, which is then used to create electricity. Solar panels are put on the roof or the ground. Solar panels gather sunlight and convert it to alternating current electricity.


Electrical Wires & Cables

Based in Botad, Gujarat, Lipo Technology Private Limited is one of the leading wires and cables manufacturers in India. We're continually creating new speciality cable products to fulfil the demands of our client's unique applications as a bespoke maker of electrical wire and cable.

While we specialise in bespoke cable fabrication, we also provide industry standard cable structures, ranging from the most basic connection wire to the most complicated multiconductor cable. Customers frequently specify the component number of a rival, and we manufacture to that precise standard. More typical products available for production are shown below. Remember that any of these may be customised to match your needs.

Our goal is to become one of the top global electrical wires suppliers by utilising cutting-edge production facilities and a world-class resource pool. We wish to be the top choice among big firms in the speciality cable manufacturing market by providing wholesale electrical cables that exceed clients' expectations.

Our primary goal is to generate shareholder value via product development, efficiency gains, and transparent company culture. The remarkable conductivity of our electrical wires is well-known. Our cables have high heat resistance, allowing them to endure significantly higher electrical loads.

We've always prioritised quality and punctuality in our deliveries to a diverse group of satisfied customers. We are one of India's most well-known electric cable producers. We provide high-quality electrical cables for a variety of applications. Our cables can successfully separate overloaded difficulties due to their great resistance to heating.

Due to their elasticity and flexibility, our electrical cables and wires are the most popular. We design cables that can be readily bent or twisted. As a result, there is no possibility of the cable breaking or being damaged. High-temperature resistance is a feature of our electrical cables and wires. As a result, they're not readily melted and are safe to use.


Plastic Pipe

Solar Home Inverter

Solar GT Inverter

BOS System

Solar Home Appliances

Solar Water Pump

Solar Street Lights

Based in Botad, Gujarat, Lipo Technology Private Limited is a competent and innovative brand that specializes in the production, promotion, and assimilation of advanced solar-based led street lighting. These wholesale integrated solar street lights provide bright illumination and are simple to install, requiring no digging, cable laying, or transformer distribution locations, among other things. They're great for lighting up campus main roadways and areas, as well as streets and gardens.

We are a solar street light manufacturer in India and our solar street light is a self-contained solar system that includes a pole, battery bank, photovoltaic module, and LED or CFL lighting. This is doubly environmentally good due to the utilisation of solar electricity and energy-efficient luminaires. The configuration may be tailored to the desired wattage and brightness, as well as for dark to dawn operations with the appropriate number of days of autonomy.

A solar street light combines solar panels, LED lights, a Lithium-ion or Lithium Ferro Phosphate LiFePO4 battery, and a PIR motion sensor to provide a modern and compact lighting system. Solar panel voltage is used to determine day/night circumstances in our solar street lighting. After nightfall, the light turns on automatically and turns off in the morning. This is referred to as the twilight to dawn operation.

In addition, our solar street lights incorporate a PIR motion sensor to automatically control the LED light brightness. The LED brightens to maximum brightness when it detects movement near the light. The light brightness is decreased by half if no movement is detected for more than 1 minute.

Anyone may easily put the solar LED street light on a pole. For the installation of solar street lights, there is no need to cut holes in the poles. Our solar lights are created with high-quality components and are built to withstand the harsh Indian climate.

We provide solar lights that meet the needs of commercial, government, and tender projects at competitive pricing. We can customise Solar Street lights to meet client specifications because we have an in-house R&D department and employ indigenous technology.


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